Synth: Week of 11.2.20

  • “Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers” — Pierre Marc Gaston
  • “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” — Lao Tzu
  • “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” — J. Krishnamurti
  • “Anxiety is experiencing failure in advance.” — Seth Godin
  • “social returns to angel investment aren’t just a happy side effect. They’re often the main thing people are really after.” — Alex Danco
  • “exceptional founders see (a distracting environment) as a rare opportunity to break away from the pack.” — NfX
  • “It isn’t the storage capacity of your brain that gets overwhelmed when learning a new skill — it’s the emotional capacity.” — Thiago Forte
  • “Average people say: “When I’m happy, then I’ll be grateful.” Joyful people say: “When I’m grateful, then I’ll be happy.”’ — Andrew Matthews
  • “Desire is a contract you make with yourself to be unhappy until you get what you want.” — Naval Ravikant
  • “The worst outcome in the world is not having self-esteem. If you don’t love yourself, who will?” — Naval Ravikant
  • “Your real resume is just a catalog of all your suffering.” — Naval Ravikant
  • “The opposite of distraction isn’t focus, it’s traction.” — Nir Eyal
  • I need to increase the income from my paid newsletter to afford all the paid newsletters I subscribe to now.




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Matt Knight

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